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3 Steps to Transform Your IT Security
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In a survey conducted by Tech Pro Research on IT priorities, 69% of respondents said that improving security was at the top of their list for IT initiatives.

As people and devices are now more connected than ever, protecting these connections has become a critical task for IT professionals. Almost all businesses are going digital. This shift has given rise to significant changes in the IT landscape, and has consequently presented new challenges for IT security.

Effective security measures require multiple layers of protection. Here are three steps you can take to transform your IT security strategy:

1. Secure Application Infrastructure

This involves abstracting infrastructure from applications, improving visibility, and better aligning security for apps.

As application infrastructure models evolve, the traditional perimeter-centric network security approach cannot provide enough visibility and control inside your data center. Stored data at rest has become a more valuable target for attackers. To address these problems, you need to transform the way you secure your application infrastructure.

2. Secure Identity and Endpoints

In this step, you can employ a ubiquitous software layer across all users and endpoints for better visibility and control, without impacting the overall user experience.

Some organizations are already employing Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and other systems to empower workforces and reimagine traditional business processes. Supporting these platforms is challenging, especially as companies embrace enterprise mobility, BYOD, and IoT initiatives. One common platform will help streamline security efforts.

3. Streamline Compliance

Regulations and requirements are increasing while the digital landscape and advanced persistent threats continue to evolve, making it more challenging than ever to ensure and demonstrate compliance. Therefore, this step involves applying software across the app infrastructure, identity, and endpoints to simplify the compliance process.

As traditional infrastructure, applications, and workforce models evolve, your IT team is under increasing pressure to protect the business from emerging threats. Using these three simple steps will not only add a firm foundation to your IT security strategy, but will also help you to keep all your data safe.

If you want to know more about how to transform your IT security strategy, click the link below for more information.