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3 Steps to Maintaining Business Continuity for Your Company
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Jerry is the head of the HR department at his company of over 500 employees. He recently noticed that when unplanned, and even planned, disruptions happen, it is difficult for employees to stay productive and get back to work quickly.

Jerry has been tasked by the company’s CHRO to find a solution that will keep the business running no matter what kind of disruption happens. After some lengthy research, he finds a company that promises to provide a more secure digital workspace and perimeter that will keep his workforce productive.The company calls it business continuity and promises to ensure three factors:

  1. Helping Jerry create a clear decision-making hierarchy. With clear authority in place to make decisions in case of an emergency, employees won’t have to wonder who is in charge wasting precious time.
  2.  Helping Jerry create a business continuity plan that identifies potential business disruptions that can affect any of the organization’s locations and deciding on resolutions to these disruptions.
  3.  Helping Jerry test these resolutions by testing his employees in the case of a disruption. Preparedness is essential for employees to know how to react in the case of a disruption.

With this new solution, Jerry quickly created a business continuity plan that ensures continued employee productivity, even in the event of a disruption. He no longer has to worry about wasted time and money and can focus on bringing projects to completion.

If you want to know more about business continuity and maintaining productivity, click the link below for more information.