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3 Roadblocks to Support Success
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In almost every industry, time equates to money. This is especially true when it comes to information technology. Downtime can be expensive, costing companies anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars every hour that a system, process, or website is not accessible.

This cost is compounded when the support team has to spend time, money, and resources to fix the issue. Downtime is never good for business. In such instances, every minute is critical for communication, for resolution, and for speed. The most efficient way to resolve such issues is by having the right tools to deploy at the right time.

Here are 3 roadblocks to support success when it comes it IT issues:

#1 Users can’t accurately describe problems.

For example, when someone asks for help with sending and receiving emails but submitted their support ticket by email. It can be difficult to identify what the real issue is when what the user has stated isn’t exactly the issue.

#2 Inability to efficiently relay information to other technicians or level 2 support.

Developing technical guides with screenshots and clear descriptions noting how to fix potential problems is time-consuming. Getting a new technician up to speed in the midst of a downtime crisis can be frustrating to both the trainer and the trainee.

#3 Minor issues that nonetheless require a technical eye.

Some issues like unplugged cables, application installations, and configuration upgrades aren’t even that big of a deal, but they just appear to be trained technician. Once caught, it could solve major problems.