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3 Reasons to Rethink Your Network
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Hi! My name is Anthony and I’m an IT professional.

As every industry is being reshaped by technology today, traditional data centers are having to change to be able to support new apps and data that can migrate across clouds architectures.

The digital transformation has the ability to lower IT costs and improve efficiency, visibility, and performance while driving business innovation. To keep up with the benefits the digital transformation offers, it’s essential to rethink your enterprise network. For your IT teams to be able to manage, secure, connect and maintain compliance wherever applications live, they need a fully virtualized infrastructure.

There are many reasons to rethink your enterprise network and one reason is so you can make applications more resilient and minimize the impact of planned maintenance and migrations. A virtualized network allows applications to be decoupled from the underlying infrastructure making them location-agnostic.

With a network and security services that can span multiple sites, applications can be run closest to the point of use which improves both response time and user experiences. By rethinking your enterprise network, you’ll be able to migrate entire data centers with zero downtime.

Another reason to rethink your enterprise network is so you can start easily running applications across multiple environments and enable important use cases. A virtualized network will give your entire IT staff the ability to create a united, seamless, and resilient pool of infrastructure resources to run applications across multiple data centers and clouds.

Network virtualization allows you to improve both capacity utilization and availability, help you support disaster avoidance, and will even minimize planned downtime for data center upgrades and security patches. Network virtualization even allows for scenarios like data center migration, data center consolidation, mergers, and acquisitions.

Another major reason to rethink your enterprise network is so you can reduce the complexity of IT operations. As IT professionals, we know all too well how complex IT operations can be but with a virtualized network, you’ll be able to extend a common operational model into the cloud, enabling you to combine private and public clouds in a way that wasn’t possible before.

Network virtualization gives your IT team the freedom and control to connect and secure applications across multiple clouds with consistent networking and security, and even uses automation to streamline management and operations, allowing for more strategic approaches for delivering services to the business.

Now that you know at least three reasons why you should rethink your enterprise network, you’re ready to implement a virtualized network to help your IT team perform better.

If you want to learn more about the Reasons to Rethink Your Network, click the link below for more information.