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3 Reasons Many Enterprise Security Postures Lack Maturity
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According to IT Security Guru, “76 percent of enterprise cybersecurity professionals fear they will fall prey to cyberattacks this year.” This is a legitimate concern especially since cybercriminals have failed to let up from their attacks in the past year. Such attacks have only gotten more sophisticated, increased in volume, and impacted entire banking industries, global economies, and political elections.

Cybercriminals are thought not to have the best of resources or money, but they have the most time on their hands and the intellectual capacity to take down entire systems and hold entire chain companies hostage to their disrupting behaviors. Cyberattacks is a massive problem and the cost of such attacks is an even bigger problem. Cybercrime has already hit $400 billion annually.

Between now and 2021, enterprises are set to spend over $1 trillion on keeping their companies safe from threats and rebuilding after an attack. All the noise that surrounds cybersecurity makes it increasingly more difficult for companies to keep up with the risk and the security measures that must be taken.

While many advancements have been made in cybersecurity technologies, security postures for many enterprises still lack maturity:

#1 First, security is too reactive. Organizations with even the best security and firewalls cannot put all their resources into combatting the various forms of attack. Top cybersecurity platforms is simply an idea, not a concept for implementation.

#2 Second, many enterprises lack appropriate levels of security awareness and preparedness. While security processes continue to evolve, business partners must learn to vet their partners’ cyber readiness and also must fix deficient units.

#3 Third, finding, recruiting, and hiring cybersecurity professionals with the experience and expertise to manage security technologies, as well as craft, implement, and manage security policies and processes required by the business, is becoming increasingly difficult.

The impact of risk can run the range from services that are shut down to compromised customer data. The lost in revenue and customer trust is no match for not fighting for a solid security strategy.

If you want to know more about security challenges and how to combat them, click the link below for more information.