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3 Reasons DevOps Is Changing Security

DevOps is changing cybersecurity with its model that drives digital transformation and the rapid delivery of new software products and services. By replacing the traditional, linear development approach, you can not only emphasize cross-functional collaborations but integrate tools and automate workflows as well. DevOps represents a cultural revolution in which the creation and development of software and services happen at an accelerated rate.

DevOps is changing security processes from reactionary responses to ones where safeguards, proactive testing, and prevention are automatically integrated throughout the deployment cycle. No longer will your IT professionals be in the dark when it comes to cybersecurity. They’ll now be ahead of the curve and can prevent security issues before they arise.

To meet the speed of DevOps with effective cybersecurity requires new InfoSec approaches. Integrating these two practices will offer your security organization many benefits but what are those benefits? Download this informative whitepaper to learn the three major reasons DevOps is drastically changing security.