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3 Critical Factors that Drive Business Success from Cloud HR Projects
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Over the past few years, early adoption of moving HR systems to the cloud in the enterprise market has emerged into a mainstream must have for many organizations. This has resulted in the planning or implementation of cloud HR solutions and significant shifts in deployment options.

However, many times, Cloud HCM offerings are dictated by the goals of the IT department rather than the overall impact it will have on the business. This leaves HR to deal with the operating issues and conflicts that arise.

HR managers and executives must then work to ensure their voice is heard throughout the selection process. To do this, clarity of major factors influencing business outcomes must be discovered. These include:

1) Be clear about your business goals and reference them constantly in each stage of decision-making including increasing employee engagement and building a talent and leadership pipeline.

2) Ensure Cloud HCM selection is aligned to business goals and not to IT preferences. This means choosing potential suppliers based on their ability to meet company goals, not just HR needs.

3) Understand what your total costs will really be, as well as your time and cost to value. Understanding total cost is critical to understanding the time and cost to deliver a real impact.

4) Optimize your deployment plan to maximize impact and simplify value delivery. At the same time, be wary of oversimplification.

5) Be agile in operation as well as in implementation. Governing and managing a solution innovation is critical to ongoing success of the solution and the ability to deliver new value.

Being clear about the critical factors that influence business impact and building them into the best decision possible for the desired outcome is necessary. But it takes asking the right questions and waiting for the right answers.

If you want to find out more about the Cloud HCM projects process, click the link below for more information.