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3 Critical Areas to Invest In for Engaging Customer Experience
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In 2015, the technology surrounding customer experience became the top area for businesses to invest in, and in 2016, it became a vital factor for business success. CEOs and customer engagement officers today realize that if customers are not happy, business growth and success will be limited. Owning the entire process from start to finish can make a major difference in creating a cohesive and engaging experience.

Creating such an experience begins with the right strategy and effort to implement that strategy. Company leaders know that:

— Business challenges have changed. The digital age has given customers access to anything they want, wherever they are, and whenever they want it. When it comes to performance, elevated experiences win.

— Customer demands are running rapidly. Frequently changing customer demands ensure that businesses continue to grow and deliver with excellence.

— Customer experience isn’t as easy as it looks. Fears about implementation and alignment with new systems often prevent businesses from executing successfully.

In an age where “89% of customers switch brands due to poor customer experience” and “86% of customers will pay more for a great customer experience,” it is extremely important that companies consider investing in these three critical areas for an effective customer experience.

Investment #1 — Empower your customer experience teams with new capabilities.

Sales and service teams play an important role in generating leads and nurturing customer loyalty. Transform the process by providing tools and digital technologies that help both teams provide a seamless system.

Investment #2 — Take a next-generation approach to maximizing revenue.

Capitalize on digital channels to enable connections with prospects faster while also reducing costs. Use CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) technology to guide the e-commerce and create an attractive omnichannel experience.

Investment #3 — Adopt your customer’s mindset.

Use data on customer behaviors, pain points, and other information to drive marketing campaigns that convert leads into sales. Develop the support team to drive social media across all channels, listen to customers, and make solid connections.