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3 Benefits of a SaaS E-Commerce Platform
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At the beginning of 2010, SaaS e-commerce platforms were just beginning to be offered to companies that had an online shopping experience. It was then and still is a disruption to the world of self-hosted or on-site e-commerce platforms. Since that time, SaaS platforms have made advancements and improvements in its overall customer experience. They are increasingly becoming more technically capable of handling massive global infrastructures.

However, today, some e-commerce companies may be skeptical about switching from a self-hosted platform to a SaaS platform, wondering whether it is the right option for them. Retailers who also dabble in distribution or wholesale often operate in multiple countries with multiple languages and multiple currencies. If this describes you, a SaaS platform may be the right opportunity for you.

If you are looking for easy integration and a nearly complete automated system, you may want to give SaaS a good thought. It is a cost-effective and efficient option for companies looking to scale up with one omnichannel solution to deal with.

With that said, here are some other benefits of the SaaS platform:

#1 Managed uptime and security

A solid SaaS platform is professionally managed and ensures that your website is up and running all of the time. Their goal is to provide a consistent user experience for customers. The best SaaS e-commerce platforms have an uptime record of 99.99%, which is very good. Such platforms are aware of software updates and add vulnerabilities quickly, leaving very little room for disaster to strike.

#2 Denial of service mitigation

DDoS attacks often occur without prior warning and are often triggered by hostile scripts looking for open doors through which to enter. With a good SaaS provider, DDoS mitigation is handled for you and often provides an added level of protection than self-hosted options.

#3 PCI compliance

PCI compliance is the process by which an e-commerce platform ensures shoppers’ credit card information is handled securely. Since such sensitive data quite experience and time-consuming to handle especially when there are thousands of transactions a day, it is much easier to allow a SaaS platform take care of those details.