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2018 Security Implications of Digital Transformation Report

About this whitepaper…

Digital transformation, or DX, comprises the processes and activities of businesses and other organizations undergoing changes to make use of digital technology and its powerful impact on society. Digital transformation is changing the way companies operate in a multitude of ways. One key arena of digital transformation is cybersecurity. This whitepaper by Fortinet looks at how digital transformation affects security in businesses and organizations around the world.

Who should download…

This whitepaper addresses the fact that cybersecurity is the biggest danger to accomplishing digital transformation, the biggest IT trend in the marketplace. The solution to this danger is integrated, strategic approaches to security as organizations increasingly become points of attack. In their efforts to assemble a security framework, organizations should take a proactive approach to managing security breaches and risks. Executives who want to make sure their companies are well-defended as they undergo the digital transformation trend should look into the findings of this report.

Why you should download…

Strategic officials and information security officers at large organizations across the world from many different industries, including government, finances, education, retailing, healthcare, energy, and technology, sent in three hundred responses to help identify current trends in digital transformation and security. Digital transformation has the most impact on businesses out of any IT trend, and security is the biggest challenge to a company’s efforts in digital transformation. Every year, the average organization undergoes damaging attacks that result in data loss, compliance events, and outages. Most organizations have not fully automated their security practices and lack integration. As more points of attack are developed across organizations, much infrastructure is vulnerable.

This whitepaper identifies the best practices of organizations that are better defended. Your company is undergoing the trend of digital transformation, and you need to take a proactive and strategic approach to security to make sure your company is not in danger. Download this whitepaper today.