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10 Things to Expect When Moving to the Cloud
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The way we work, live, and run our business is being dramatically redesigned by cloud technologies.

Much credit has been given to the entire process of digital transformation, and the benefits toward productivity and revenue that cloud platforms play in the process.

While the cloud is still new in terms of ways in which it can be used, it isn’t a thing to be sneezed at. Research shows companies with the greatest exposure to cloud have the highest levels of confidence in the cloud. Additionally, these same companies report increases in both competitiveness and productivity.

Everyone talks about how awesome the cloud is. But, what people won’t tell you is what you need to know while you’re migrating to the cloud.

Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 things you can expect when moving to the cloud:

#1. The cloud is no longer just an enterprise technology trend. It’s no longer a question of when, but how you move to the cloud.

#2. You must bridge the cloud skills gap. It is crucial to find the right expertise and people to deliver your cloud strategy.

#3. Moving to the cloud boosts customer satisfaction with faster time to market. The research supports the premise that application development and testing in the cloud speeds time to market, increasing customer satisfaction.

#4. If you want an effective migration, find a good starting point. When shifting workloads and applications into a cloud environment, companies must map a migration path.

#5. Cloud enables data-model experimentation and better insights.

#6. Increased innovation and competitiveness are the upshot. Over 60% of companies that have moved to the cloud say innovation has increased.

#7. Reducing costs is a main driver for cloud integration.

#8. The cloud helps drive better insights and uncover new possibilities. The biggest gap in data analytics comes from cloud-mature companies and latecomers to the cloud.

#9. Cloud is the safest place for data.

#10. The same tools used for security can effectively monitor performance.

Whether you are just starting on the cloud adoption journey or have been in the cloud for a long time, keeping these 10 points in mind will help to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud and long-term view of cloud progress.

If you want to know more about the cloud discovery process, click the link below for more information.