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Why Automation Is In for Project Management

Automation is all around us. From voice commands to Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, and other smart speaker devices to automating utility bill payments, bank deposits, and international wire transfers, almost everywhere we turn, the power of automation is fully present. The more manual tasks we give out to machines, the more time and energy humans can spend on some of the most difficult tasks and projects, such as coming up with new ideas.

Since automation has weaved its way into almost every industry and aspect of our daily work, it stands to reason that project managers are also looking for a way to automate their processes and streamline their strategies to make projects run at a much faster and more efficient pace. Excellent project management skills are now being accompanied by automation of specific tasks so teams can focus on what they do best – – creating, innovating, and making companies great.

Project managers and product managers alike can benefit from implementing automation strategies into their daily work. This can begin by taking a simpler task and breaking it down into stages to identify the aspects which will work best for automation. Automation of project management can help allow for ease of mobile use when keeping up on projects, using data through the project management process, and having real-time access to networks and systems as well as easily communicating with team members.

This whitepaper will help you in the following ways:

– Understanding project management in light of automation
– Mobile strategies for automation in project management
– Better communication with some aspects of projects automated
– Big data and analytics

Project managers from all industries could benefit from understanding automation, scaling their efforts, decreasing costs, and improving the sometimes lengthy process of getting things done right in their teams.