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What to Make of Digital Employees
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In the digital age, almost every business initiative has a technological aspect to it which makes every employee in every department a digital employee. Digital employees are empowered by tools that are highly responsive and that help them make their work more efficient and effective.

In order to attract and keep digital employees, HR managers must ensure they are up to date on the latest technologies. This includes identifying what those technologies are, helping to develop them, and even implementing them.

To ensure a solid digital experience, HR managers must ensure four pillars are solidly built:

  1. Personalization [Creating an experience that ensures everyone only receive information specific and relevant to them.]
  2. Recommendation [Smart development plans that show how the company can help the employee grow and encourage a collaborative learning experience.]
  3. Socialization [Maintain a consistent and open dialogue with team members, giving continuous feedback and reinforcement along the way.]
  4. Analytics [Keep the data analysis in from of you so you can stay agile, meet retention needs, and reallocate talent quickly. ]