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What the Modern Workspace Looks Like
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Meet Lucy.

Lucy just graduated from college and landed her first job. During a conversation with her grandfather about the differences in workspace and work culture today than 50 years ago, he becomes curious about what the modern workspace looks like.

Lucy decides to explain how much it has changed.

Lucy explains that when her grandfather was working, he was probably working in an office where people worked at desks that were sequestered neatly in rows and his work hours were likely nine to five, Monday through Friday.

Today, though, Lucy and her co-workers mingle flexibly in pairs and groups so work teams can thrive on exchanging creative energy and ideas.

Lucy and her co-workers do not work at neatly sequestered desks, but rather meet up in spaces designed to specifically encourage the cross-pollination of ideas.

Lucy explains to her grandfather that they work like this because this disruptive new workspace concept is believed to drive big growth opportunities and the modern workspace values ongoing innovation.

Also, Lucy has many co-workers who are freelancers, contract workers, and even many co-workers who work in different countries. This global workforce allows these different types of workers to connect digitally to the workplace.

This is the new normal as real-time collaboration and virtual workspaces are more important than ever.

In fact, Lucy tells her grandfather that people socialize 13% more often in innovative workspaces which leads to better collaboration, teamwork, and a better business model and 76% of her generation would take a pay cut of at least 3% to work for a company that offers flexible office hours.

As the modern workspace continues to change, the way people work and where they work from is also changing. Now that Lucy’s grandfather has a better understanding of what the modern workspace looks like, he is a bit jealous that he never got to work this way.

A workspace without borders is the breeding ground for ideas, innovations, new creations, and lifelong collaboration.

If you want to learn more about what the modern workspace looks like, click the link below for more information.