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What Is the Key to High Employee Performance?

What Is the Key to High Employee Performance

Numerous studies have shown that employees want to feel empowered and connected to a meaningful goal or objective. In fact, making progress on a goal and alignment with company’s vision and strategy is one of the top motivating factors for employees.

According to Gallup in 2013, “70% of U.S. workers are not engaged at work” while only “17% agree that the company they work for has open communication” about what it is trying to achieve. When organizations make the effort to link both company and employee goals together, it results in employees being more likely to become high-performers.

When employees can see clear goals and a stable vision, the company is more likely to see a sharp rise in its bottom line. Up against fierce competition in the digital age, companies today must aim for both employee alignment and employee engagement.

“What we’ve just started to see emerge is a linkage of alignment issues to real-time recognition. We see companies devoting a portion of the incentive pool to awarding employees on the spot, rather than waiting for the annual performance cycle. It really drives home the point that the employee did something that mattered. — Scott Olsen, head of U.S. People and Organization practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers

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