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What Employee Engagement Looks Like Today
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Employee engagement today looks a lot different than from just a couple decades ago. Before, engagement was defined in transactional terms, what a company needed and what an employee could offer to fill the void. Today, however, engagement is defined in terms of a deeper relationship.

Employers and employees are no longer merely handing over work in exchange for money. Instead, companies aim for dedicated employees who are committed to their goals.

And employees aim for motivation and recognition for their work along with a host of other benefits like development and opportunities to grow and/or make progress, collaboration with technology, and a positive work culture.

Companies can create their own positive culture of employee engagement by doing a couple of things:

  1. Analyze how every stage of the employee lifecycle can be technologically improved.
  2. Offer each individual opportunities to learn what they want, how they want.
  3. Ensure top management is in close contact with the workforce
  4. Get interested in your employees’ wellbeing and aim to make their lives as comfortable as possible.