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The Value of Collaborative Learning in the CSuite
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The world of work has changed in multiple ways. However, the way we learn is still based on Industrial Age models in which there is a teacher dispensing knowledge and information to students.
While there is fundamentally nothing wrong with this model, in today’s world of work, we must rethink how we define learning to reach business goals. The speed at which business moves, the global nature of our workforce, and the new generation of employees are forcing us to make work more interconnected and less independent.

Why should learning be promoted in this way?

According to one study:

  • learners retain 5% of what they hear
  • 10% of what they read
  • and 50% of what they learn through discussion and interaction.

In tandem with direct experience—on-the-job learning—retention can soar up to 75% or more. Hence, companies concerned about retention can implement one solution: collaborative learning.

Collaborative learning is based on the idea that individuals learn more through sharing and social interaction than they would alone. It is a powerful tool to achieve organizational objectives, such as engagement, productivity, and innovation, from stakeholders to executives and from L&D professionals to employees.

Here’s how collaborative learning adds value:

1)  It helps to harness the skills and knowledge of an entire workforce.

By pushing learning into daily interactions, employees can share experiences, stories, and knowledge that would otherwise be difficult to deliver through formal learning programs.

2)  It reduces reliance on costly outside expertise.

A collaborative learning strategy helps organizations ensure access to tremendous internal resources: employee knowledge, skills, morals, and wisdom.

3)  It drives organization-wide collaboration and solves problems faster.

Geographical boundaries, work schedules, and even traditional hierarchies no longer have the power to limit how an organization mines employee experiences.

Collaborative learning enables the sharing, expansion, and deployment of best practices from every corner of the organization.

If you want to know how to better implement collaborative learning among executives, click the link below for more information.