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After an abundance of research studies, it had been widely known that the transgender community continues to face discrimination in their workplaces. Such despicable practices are aided by prejudices, biased power relations, and poor workforce policies in the corporate world.

The victims of transgender discrimination can suffer both mental and physical issues and are more prone to suffer from depression as well.

Organizations often ask what can be done to abolish such practices. It needs to be understood that one cannot weed out such rooted cultures overnight, but can take steps in the right direction. The first step would be to recognize and support the transgender community in the workplace in the form of policies. This can be facilitated by creating non-discrimination statements wherein the word “gender” should also include the terms “identity” and “expression”.

Another step to reduce prejudices would be enabling the employees to self-identify their gender rather than simply recognizing them by their legally listed genders. This empowers them and allows for a more wholesome and inclusive work environment where they can express their gender identity.

Such practices empower the transgender community and allow for the organization to create an all-inclusive work environment for all. Such steps can help lead to a healthier workplace free of discriminatory practices.