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Top 5 HR Processes that Disguise as Busy Work
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Meet Brad, the CHRO at his database management company.

Brad loves to implement new technology into his company processes and is looking to streamline HR processes even more. His friend, Diane, recently told him about a webinar she attended that outlined five HR processes that could be automated to cut back on busywork.

Brad doesn’t want to waste the talent of company employees so he decides to check out the webinar himself. While watching, Brad learns about these five processes.

Process #1) Recruiting

Recruiting is no easy task but it is essential to keep the business going and is necessary to keep up with the current challenges of recruiting.

You can ensure this by implementing an automated sequence of events that starts with requisition and ends with a new hire, all with a single click.

Process #2) New Employee Onboarding

Bringing in new employees requires forms, approvals, equipment, and a lot of time. Your onboarding process must ensure the new hire’s experience is good while remaining compliant.

An automated sequence of events that alerts multiple departments and triggers onboarding processes with one click will allow you to achieve this.

Process #3) Employee Training-

As your business evolves, you will need to keep employees updated on changes and help them adapt while maintaining a well-informed workforce.

You can achieve this by implementing an automated training workflow that shares training tools and tracks usage easily.

Process #4) Vacation and Leave Requests

Paper-based, manual leave requests cause administrative overhead, regulatory compliance issues, and lost productivity.

Eliminate lost productivity with a centralized vacation request workflow that is capable of screening approvals and automatically notifying other departments of planned absences.

Process #5) Performance Reviews

Feedback from employees, both giving and receiving, is essential to the internal growth of your organization.

You can ensure this growth by implementing an automated performance review workflow that sets reminders, archives feedback, and triggers payroll with a single click.

Now that Brad knows how to better automate his HR department, he’s ready to get rid of busy work and use the talent of his employees to make his company’s culture more engaging.

If you want to know more about how HR processes can be automated to increase productivity, click the link below for more information.