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Three Deliverables Every Enterprise Architect Should Provide to the Project Management Office
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The role of an enterprise architect is to help his organization understand the full potential of technology and applications. This is even more important today as companies are in a rush to implement technology across their business structure that will satisfy increasing customer demands. The enterprise architect’s main objective then is to implement a good strategy that will accomplish business capabilities and desired outcomes.

Amid all the digital transformation initiatives an organization is faced with, it is becoming more challenging for the enterprise architect to create products and services that are easy to implement and engaging to the customer. This gives the enterprise architect a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work in close quarters with the Project Management Office. The PMO is also compelled to deliver projects that are associated with the overall strategy.

Basically, enterprise architects and PMOs are trying to answer the same question, “How can we leverage our resources to achieve organizational objectives?” For the PMO, these resources are only two components: People and Money.

An enterprise architect must understand the challenges that the PMO faces and try to work in a collaborative manner right from the outset of such projects. An enterprise architect must communicate the following three directives to the Project Management Office:

#1 The enterprise architect must transform the company strategy into actionable items which is the strategy roadmap.

#2 The enterprise architect needs to complete necessary ground work right at the beginning of the project to help PMOs assess projects against the business strategy.

#3 Projects that originate at the enterprise architect level must transcend to the PMO level for better execution and must be in line with the organization’s overall strategy and objectives.

If you want to know how to ensure better business outcomes with these three deliverables, click the link below for more information.