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The world saw a change of lifestyle overnight due to the pandemic. Teams went from having huddle team meetings in a conference room to meeting over apps like Zoom in a complete remote setup.

What many fail to understand is that this change is here to stay permanently. This change brings up another big question: How will talent and learning in a business change in such a new environment? This whitepaper by Fassforward explores these changes and tries to mitigate any hurdles the reader might face through such a transformative process.

This whitepaper examines the various advantages for employees and businesses in remote environments, including increased productivity, employee engagement, and access to diverse talent. The report finds that the average US employee engagement at an all-time high during the pandemic. Isn’t that noteworthy for organizations?

Asked for the challenges posed by such a remote environment, Fassforward believes that the proper solution to everything is a great talent. Companies must discover, cultivate, and energize their talent with a semi-remote workforce.

They must create a culture that encourages remote work and decentralized leadership. They must ensure that their talent has the necessary skills to complete the task. They will need to bring their talent together at a large scale to develop business capabilities.

Another exciting domain discussed in this whitepaper is the new learning model introduced in this global pandemic. Research shows the distance learning in remote learning has seen increased interest over time. Processes like live online training and digital training will become the norm for corporates. The whitepaper discusses each model’s various pros and cons and offers insights that can change your path to adopting such a model.

Equip yourself with all the knowledge to be successful in a remote work environment with the help of this whitepaper.