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The Future of Work Explained
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Mary has one more semester of college left to finish before she can finally get out into the workforce. Mary had many odd jobs in her youth but after meeting her husband and settling down to take care of four kids, it has been over 20 years since Mary was in the job market.

Mary is curious about how the workforce has changed and what she should focus on to put herself ahead of the curve, so she can be relevant as the future workforce takes shape.

Mary understands that automation and technology have drastically changed the way workplaces look now and that they will continue to do so. Mary learns, after a bit of research, that for her to stay relevant in the future workforce, she needs to exhibit human intuition traits to ensure that she’s prepared for the changes to come.

By proving her ability to problem solve, communicate, and develop creative ideas and solutions, Mary will be able to prove her worth in the future of a robotic workforce. Also, Mary will need to become comfortable with support systems and technology so she can succeed.

Mary learns that not only are the technologies of the workforce changing, but the attitudes of employees and employers are changing as well.

Today, more people care about working for a company that promotes a good work/life balance and one that even offers flexible hours. Mary learns that these two aspects are so important to the new workforce that many employees are willing to take pay cuts to work at a company that offers a better environment.

Additionally, thanks to the growth of the Gig Economy, more people work from remote locations than ever before. For those who do work in an office setting, what used to be a nine to five workday in an enclosed space has changed as more employees demand autonomy over their work schedule and locations.

Now that Mary knows a lot more about how drastically the work environment has changed over the past few decades since she was in the workforce, she’s ready and excited to be part of a more life-friendly workforce that offers more flexible hours and autonomy.

If you want to learn more about the future of work and what the new workplace will look like, click the link below for more information.