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The Forces Reshaping How Work Gets Done
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Hi! My name is Jeff.

As an HR professional, I’ve noticed that forces are reshaping how work gets done in business today. As the external workforce continues to grow, the implications for both employers and employees are far-reaching.

So, how can the executives at your company gain better value from independent contractors, consultants, and temporary workers?

Let’s take a look at some forces reshaping how work gets done and how executives at your organization can use these forces to effectively manage external employees.

Multi-Channel Workforce

As the number of channels used to hire external workers continues to grow, external employees now make up about 44% of workforce spending. It’s important to understand that the top labor market trends are the availability of talent that prefers to work on a contract basis and greater access to talent created by the globalization of the labor supply.

Cost Isn’t Everything

While still very important, controlling costs is no longer the principal driver for using an external workforce. The external workforce is now seen as essential to improving business performance with 66% of companies saying it is important to their speed to market improvement efforts, increasing organizational agility, improving overall financial performance, and allows them to better compete in a digital world.

Visibility is Everything

The external workforce is critically under-managed at most companies and this limited visibility and inadequate attention hinders effectiveness. Even so, a majority of executives are not highly informed about their external workforce and many can’t even name the service providers performing work for their company. As a result, many companies are not realizing the maximum benefit from their external workforce which is why full visibility into your external workforce is essential.

As the external workforce continues to grow and more and more companies utilize these workers, it’s essential to understand the forces reshaping how work gets done and how you can utilize the full potential of these employees.

If you want to learn more about the forces reshaping how work gets done, click the link below for more information.