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The Benefits and Challenges of a Diverse Team
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In an era of increased globalization, evolving family structures and highly developed technology, the tendency to create a diverse work environment is almost occurring naturally.

Employees can now be full-time remote workers, work internationally, or span across several generations throughout the current workforce.

Having a diverse team comes with its own set of benefits and challenges.

The benefits of having a diverse workforce include:

1. Strong dynamic

As employees learn from the different backgrounds and skill sets of their colleagues, diversity helps them to become better communicators and collaborators.

2. Productive problem solving

A diverse team brings with it a wide range of thought processes and perspectives.

3. Boosted morale

When employees are part of a team where they feel accepted and their individuality is nurtured, morale increased and the work environment is productive.

However, diverse teams also come with some challenges including:

1. Communication barriers

With a diverse team, some team members may be native speakers of another language. Understanding the language of each other as best as possible can lead to less of a communication barrier.

2. Culture clashes

When multiple cultures meet, culture clashes are common. This has a direct bearing on the team’s performance and workflow.

3. Slower decision making

Diverse teams may also open up the door for more debates and arguments which can lead to fewer decisions being made.

The responsibility of every HR executive is to create teams that will maximize these benefits and overcome challenges. A diverse team can make your company a winner in the marketplace by generating and implementing great ideas, building collaboration, and celebrating teamwork.

If you want to know more about developing a diverse team, click the link below for more information.