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Secrets of a Connected Workplace
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The connected workplace is one of many new trends affecting businesses as they undergo the digital transformation. Companies are facing the need to provide technologies that connect diverse employees across many different locations. They must enable their workers with the ability to connect with other people, build a community in the workplace, make connections with leadership, and share the news with others.

A digital workplace will also improve communication and collaboration between teams and people and is easily accessible to all employees wherever they may be.

Here are some of the secrets of a connected workplace so you can start building one in your business.

  1. Managing work going mobile: The increased use of mobile devices has given new power to remote workers. An increasing number of employees are working remotely in the field and are using their devices to do their jobs. Obviously, this benefits both the employees and the employer, but it also brings the threat of disjointedness. Employers must make sure their workers stay connected with others.
  2. Managing the diversity of apps: The Bring Your Own App (BYOA) trend shows that employees use many different apps in order to make work easier and complete their tasks. But the use of these many different systems can result in lesser knowledge sharing and pose risks to security. When making a digital workplace, it is important to incorporate these apps into the core business technology to increase efficiency and communication.
  3. Dealing with the generation gap: With two to four different generations being in the workplace at the same time, and having different expectations of the workplace, it is important for businesses to provide a technological center point for employees from different age groups to interact.
  4. Dealing with the needs of millennial employees. Millennial employees view company loyalty as something that is given in response to a good experience. Companies should provide a connected workplace to make their employees feel valued.

Connected workplaces are the way of the present. Businesses that take charge of the connectedness of their environment and seek ways to further integrate unifying technology will be more successful at adapting to technology-fueled changes.

If you want to find out more about how to create a connected workplace, click the link below for more information.