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Running the Modern Workplace
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Hello, my name is Gene.

In this video, we will discuss the modern workplace and how business leaders can increase the employee experience with the deployment of the appropriate digital tools.

Helping employees use the right tools can lead to a deepening of the connection to the company’s mission and allows leadership to have a greater impact.

How does this get done? Here are a few ways.

Use word processing and spreadsheet tools to reduce the concept to prototype phases while facilitating ideations, sharing ideas to discover, capture and leverage relevant information.

Mobile platforms help to sustain employee productivity when they are outside of the office while ensuring apps and data remain secure.

Use a single hub for the self-formation of teams to create projects and keep files, tools and meetings organized. Apps like Workplace Analytics can anonymize and aggregate meeting and email data to deliver deeper insights about your organization while maximizing productivity.

Use tools like Yammer to hold cross-company discussions and promote employee engagement and community via town hall meetings.

A great way to keep global based teams connected is to facilitate employee communications and deliver internal training by incorporating video.

Use modernized mail distribution lists to keep direct reports and leadership up to date on various topics.

Create reports and dashboards that can be easily viewed by any team member to grow a culture of data. The MyAnalytics tool can help employees to create healthier work habits and provide greater insight.

There are ever-evolving threats to organizational security, and you can ensure GDPR compliance by implementing a customer success service like the MS 365 Fast Track tool.

If you want to learn more about best practices for running the modern workplace, click the link below for more information.