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What Really Drives Employee Engagement
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You have likely heard the words “employee engagement” many times before. It is the process through which people connect engagement with productivity.

The big question is: how much do we understand employee engagement and, more importantly, what really drives it?

Some of the key factors that are responsible for driving employee engagement in an organization include:

  1. Leadership – When it comes to setting up the first impression for an employee, leaders play a critical role, particularly during the recruitment process. This sets the tone for an employee as leaders influence the enhancement of productivity among employees.
  1. Performance – Leaders play a crucial role in defining what a good performance is. However, we should also consider that performance on its own is an important element. Performance is directly linked to the development, rewards, and role of an employee – all these put together to drive engagement.
  1. Talent Management – Employees need opportunities to improve their skills. However, development should be tagged to a clear objective or goal which will motivate the employee to actively participate in such initiatives.
  1. Effective Role – The role of an employee is directly responsible for ensuring an engaged employee. The role of an employee defines the progression of an employee and what direction he or she is supposed to take. It also defines the expectation of work to come and recognition of work done.
  1. Rewards and awards are key components of employee engagement. These are the factors that help to motivate employees to come out with their best performance.
  1. There are some intangible elements such as a value system of an organization and the culture of an organization including working towards a common objective and as a cohesive unit. Even simple things like the “open-door” policy have a vast impact on employee engagement.
  1. Even though this may not have a direct influence on employee engagement, digital experience does play a role in keeping employees connected with the organization.

Employee engagement and enthusiasm for your company is beneficial in more ways than one. If you want to take a deep dive into these factors that drive employee engagement and cultivate workplace culture, click the link below for more information.