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Onboarding and Offboarding Practices: What You Need to Know
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What would happen if you hired a team of workers but didn’t provide a suitable workspace for them? No chairs, desks, computers, or even coffee and water.

Your team wouldn’t be very efficient or effective and your business might fail.

Today’s workforce is more dependent on having the right applications and services at their disposal to do their jobs well. According to RES, “The more automated a company’s workspace processes are, the less of a burden they will be on IT.”

Digital workspaces must be fast and efficient, but it must also be accurate, agile, scalable, accountable, and allow optimal self-service.

Automating your company’s onboarding and offboarding processes will allow you to:

> Attract and retain top talent

> Optimally motivate and equip that talent

> Optimize its organizational agility

> Diligently mitigate digital risk, AND

> Get more value from IT.