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Maximizing the Role of HR with Analytics
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Over the last several years, human resources is moving into a role of increased responsibilities and the spotlight is on analytics. In years gone by, HR’s main role was to hire the right people and keep track of payroll, benefits, and reviews of performance.
However, technology advancements have forced much of that to change. Now, HR must understand analytics and use data to play an increasingly more critical role in any company.

HR analytics (not to be confused with HR metrics) allows managers to:

  • Track employee engagement
  • Measure whether employees have the right skills for specific projects
  • Note whether employees have the training necessary to reach company goals

Armed with HR analytics, human resource managers can:

  • Talk intelligently to business leaders to find out what they need in new hires
  • Interpret data so that they can identify trends or issues
  • Be proactive across various departments to keep the company running smoothly and profitably.

Ultimately, every company rises or falls based on its workforce, hence, HR managers play a key role in ensuring company success.