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How to Manage Talent in the Age of the Contingent Workforce
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It should come as no surprise that the average tenure in a job is now 4.6 years. What’s more? The decreased rate of retention is causing some major changes in the way many HR departments functions.

Additionally, there is a new breed of employees who are helping businesses achieve their objectives on a contractual or consult basis. Such employees are called contingent workers.

A contingent worker is someone who is employed for a short period of time. A contingent worker may be a temporary employee, a professional consultant, or a freelance contractor.

With these changes happening in the industry, HR is now faced with another major challenge: attracting, managing, and retaining great talent. HR departments must plan to not only fill the skill gaps but also to meet the expectations of these candidates they are looking to onboard as new employees.

The problem that arises is that, with these changes occurring at such a fast pace, most of the recruitment practices are still ancient and little innovation or planning has gone into the processes. However, organizations have finally realized the importance of changing and innovating their processes to hire the best talent possible.

Here are three important things that businesses must do to attract the best talent:

#1 It doesn’t matter what background and/or career path the person has. If he or she is perfect for the role and fits in the organization, simply hire the candidate.

#2 Give them an exceptional employee experience. This will motivate them to align their personal aspirations with the organizational objectives.

#3 Right from the moment the candidate is on board, help to chart a career path for them. This is done best through training and development.

To gain a broader perspective of these three areas to attract the best talent and other insights, click the link below for more information.