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How Video Can Transform Your Recruiting Process
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In a fast-paced and changing recruiting world, videos are increasingly becoming necessary to grab the attention of potential candidates.

Videos can be tailored to best exhibit your company’s organizational goals, value propositions, and company culture in an interactive and personal way.
Using the usual off-the-cuff pitches from different recruiters may result in inconsistent messaging, and eat up precious time in the recruiting process. It can also create a mixed company image in the minds of candidates.

Here are two ways videos can transform your recruiting process:

  1. Enhance the Candidate Experience

Incorporating video into your candidate experience captivates their attention, and helps communicate the company’s mission, vision, and objectives. It also acts as a defining factor in whether a candidate decides to continue with the application process.

  1. Video Interviewing

Another advantage that videos bring is the ability to conduct video interviews. Sometimes, it is easier for the CHRO to communicate the brand’s identity, as opposed to hiring a recruiter. This also helps to increase the candidate pool since many candidates are lost if the interview is held at a specific location that everyone can’t reach.

Video recording can be intimidating but if you approach to video interviewing as an invitation to get to know someone through face-to-face interaction, it can garner a positive response.

If you want to know more about using video in recruiting, click the link below for more information.