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The success of an organization is deeply dependent upon creating a cohesive team. Studies have shown with great consistency that communication plays a critical role in creating successful teams.

So how exactly does this happen?

Let’s take a closer look at ways you can improve communication for better cohesion.

  • Create an employee handbook.

Employee handbooks are a great way to build cohesion by providing information that follows a specific format that is familiar no matter the role. Employees should be able to access frequently asked questions relating to benefits or the code of conduct for example in one easy to find the place.

  • Another method to improve communications is by encouraging employee engagement with patients.

It is important to remember that patients should be considered consumers and have varied needs. A great way to build your customer base is with social media. One good example of this is to upload staff photos with updated profiles and bios of staff members. This is an inexpensive way to share current information about your team and help to increase trust and customer loyalty.

  • The next idea is to promote a strong, positive workplace culture to retain great employees.

Patient satisfaction is typically the primary focus in medical practice. However, consider bringing in an employee advocate such as an HR professional that can assist with creating a workplace culture and will reinforce company values. This is a critical component of employee retention.

Help your practice to stand out above all others.


By giving employees a good reason to check out your practice first. There are several ways your practice can be advertised to candidates like sponsored job posts on employment sites, creating compelling, easy to understand job descriptions, and easy to apply options on social media platforms like LinkedIn or mobile apps. Try hosting open office nights or participate in college job fairs to attract new talent.

Remember — by creating a successful culture with varied mediums for communication you will bring about successful candidates and greater cohesion.

If you want to know more about improving communication for better cohesion among your team members, click the link below for more information.