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How to Empower Employees First
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Hi! My name is Carl and I’m an HR professional. As many companies undergo a digital transformation, the IT department isn’t the only player.

Digital transformation consists of two parts, the technology side, and the human side. While technology is essential to a successful digital transformation, understanding how people adopt and use that technology is also important.

To achieve a full and successful digital transformation, just having the right technology isn’t enough. You also need:

Engaged Leaders

Leaders of your company must lead the way through digital transformation by example. When leaders adopt and use the same tools they expect everyone else to use, you’ll find your digital transformation efforts become more successful.

To Manage the Employee Journey

When you manage the employee journey like you manage the customer journey, you’ll find your employees’ online experiences are much more smooth and seamless.


Collaboration allows you to harness the collective brainpower of your employees and with collaborative technologies, everyone can contribute. Premium solutions are easier to adapt to your specific needs and culture, they scale easily, they have longer lifecycles, and they generally offer better long-term support.


When you enable your employees to find innovative solutions to existing problems, they will extend into finding ways to test those solutions eventually eliminating problems altogether. With the right collaboration tools, you’ll be able to drive creativity and make it easier to experiment and find ideas that work.

Security Management

With a simplified IT environment, you’ll make it easier for your IT team to set up and manage employee devices and services, which reduces the load on your IT team members and empowers your employees in every department.

Now that you have a better understanding of why it’s important to empower your employees before you begin your digital transformation efforts, you’re ready to take on any challenges that may come your way.

If you want to learn more about how to empower employees first, click the link below for more information.