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How to Develop Your Employer Branding
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As a branding specialist, Tracy has worked with many brands around the world and has an excellent understanding of how to properly and effectively develop employer branding.

While most companies understand how important their brand image is in the eyes of their customers, many don’t understand how equally important it is in the eyes of current and potential employees.

Tracy’s friend, Carol, doesn’t seem to think that employer branding is that important, so Tracy attempts to get her to change her point of view. Tracy informs Carol that employer branding is so important that:

  • 78% of people would look into a company’s reputation as employers before applying for a job.
  • 82% of people wouldn’t work at a company with a bad reputation.
  • And 51% of people are more likely to take a lower wage at a company with a strong employer brand.

Carol is beginning to understand the importance of a strong employer brand, but isn’t sure where her company can begin in establishing one.

Tracy tells her that the first step is to define what elements make up her employer brand, or, in simple terms, define what her company is. Carol’s company must invest time and effort into researching what makes their organization a great place to work.

A great way to start to develop a comprehensive employer brand is to ask employees for their feedback on what they find unique about their role or department. Tracy tells Carol that it’s also important to ask key questions like “what is your culture” and “what are your values”.

Answering these questions will give Carol’s company the best starting point for their employer branding creation journey.

Tracy also informs Carol that the biggest challenge when it comes to effective employer branding isn’t establishing a vision or personality as a brand, but communicating it.

If Carol’s company can make the candidate experience easy and fun and create an engaging and respectful company culture, creating their employer brand will be a piece of cake.

Carol is surprised at how important developing an engaging employer brand is. She realizes that she has a long way to go to make her brand appealing to both customers and employees. However, Carol is willing to do the work to show off how great her company is to the world.

If you want to learn more about developing a great employer brand, click the link below for more information.