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How Service Management Can Transform Your HR Operations
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Companies are only as good as the people they hire to be on their teams. Top HR departments focus more on identifying talent, honing people skills, training employees, and creating an engaging work environment.

However, many HR departments find that most of their time is spent handling processional things like responding to emails and inquiries, on-boarding and off-boarding paperwork, and other administrative tasks that are best handled through a system.

Service management is that system.

“Service management doesn’t replace your current HCM system – it integrates with it and complements it, giving you visibility and control of the work you probably do mostly via email today.”

Critical components of service management include:

  1. HR Portal – That is flexible, integrative, and intuitive enough to find HR-related requests and take control of basic HR needs.
  1. Case Assignment and Management – That automatically creates cases and routes them to the best department to handle it on an individualized and personalized basis.
  1. Cross-Departmental Workflows – That helps to drive the entire end-to-end process when complex tasks are in play across multiple departments.