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How RPA Will Create a More Human-Focused Workplace
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How does Robotic Process Automation, also known as RPA, help to create a more human-centered workplace?

Well, let’s find out.

Within a human-centric workplace, businesses can drastically reduce the time employees take to complete repetitive and monotonous tasks. Robots can now perform these tasks, allowing humans to spend more time focusing on problem-solving, negotiating, and innovating.

Professionals in HR can also now free up their time, thanks to automation tools, and focus on the services offered to employees and effective processes that many HR departments lack.

What exactly is RPA?

RPA is a specialized technology that allows organizations and businesses to create software configurations to perform rules-based computer tasks that mimic the actions of a human.

There are three common myths associated with robotic process automation.

First — are RPAs physical robots? Well, RPA is software; not a humanized robot.

The second myth is whether RPA helps to automate processes. This is partially true. However, RPA focuses more on the level of activities and tasks than on the sub-process or process level.

Third – does RPA automate jobs. Actually, RPA automates tasks, not jobs and can do so a lot faster and with greater accuracy than humans. This will force business leaders and HR managers to reconsider how best to assist employees with spending freed up time in a wise way.

How can PRA benefit HR?

Well, majorly, it will increase employee job satisfaction. Additionally, HR departments can use RPA to automate tasks such as requests for vacation, leave time and sick time, processing for onboarding, off-boarding, sourcing applicants and reimbursement, and expense processes.

So, what is the future of HR in the world of robotic process automation? Well, the path is clear for more strategically-focused HR and technologically-engaged functions.

If you want to learn more about RPA in the workplace, click the link below for more information.