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How Resumes Will Look in 2030

The evolution of resumes and job applicants has existed almost from the beginning of written history. There has always been the need for jobs and the need for job applicants to market themselves in the best light. The current phase of evolution started in the 1970s with the first appearances of the home computer. In the last 20 years, digital resumes (through email and other avenues) have increasingly become the norm within the industry.

The advent of ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) within company hiring divisions has streamlined the hiring process even further. With resume optimization, ATS can whittle down unworthy applicants expediently and filter out the best applicants in the running on an automated basis. The technological advances for the near future in hiring departments will utilize the cutting edge of the cryptocurrency tech world, Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain technology has been used in verifying cryptocurrency transactions now for the past few years and HR departments could benefit from its use. HR could use this technology to verify applicants’ information on their resumes. Exaggeration of skills and outright lying on resumes have been a thorn in the side of employers for years. With this new technology, the days of hiring unsuitable candidates and untruthful employees would come to an end.

The rise of companies such as LinkedIn has made an impact on hiring departments as well. LinkedIn has become the “Facebook” of employees and prospective employees with many companies now using it as a way to scout new talent for their organizations. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that within ten years, LinkedIn networking would make modern resumes obsolete for job seekers.

Digital resumes in the form of email and print PDF’s have also changed the game of hiring. The days of hitting the streets with a stack of resumes to deliver to companies have now changed into sending out a form email with your resume attached to multiple companies at once. The world of resumes and job hiring is a constantly changing one and the future looks to see more changes to come.

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