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Hassle-Free Best Practices for Onboarding

The Employer/Employee relationship has been a tenuous one at times over history. There have been marked improvements within this relationship over the last 100 years due to law changes, business changes, and societal changes, among others.

One of the changes that have improved greatly over recent years is the onboarding process. In the days of old, an employer would just tell a hiree that they have been hired, sign their W4 and show up to work tomorrow with no fanfare or extra paperwork. Who would want to work for such a soulless company that can’t even bring you on-board with any positivity? Thankfully, those times are long gone these days and employers have appreciated what employees bring to the table.

In today’s environment, onboarding has become a bit of a tedious process with multiple rounds of paperwork, scheduling, training, etc. This process has become a make-or-break in employee retention over the last few years with half of the new hires leaving a company in less than six months due to a bad onboarding experience.

The onboarding process is a company’s first impression to the employer as to how they perceive employees and also how they run the business. A good onboarding process strengthens the company’s impression upon the employee and fosters goodwill between the two. This also improves employee morale and productivity going forward and improves employee retention.

Kronos specializes in the onboarding process and can make it a seamless one for new employees. Kronos uses the latest in technology to improve the process of paperwork, scheduling, and overall employer/employee relationship.