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Every company has two workforces in the modern age. There are those who require desks and spend the majority of the workday inside of an office. Then, there are those who are without a desk and spend most of their days working from wherever suits them best. Hence, the term “deskless” work environments.

Surprisingly, the majority of the global workforce is deskless and their physical coordination or presence at their various companies for which they work is limited. Situations of today have drastically changed the way in which people operate. However, there are many ways that can be used to engage with remote or deskless employees, ensuring they are motivated and remain ambitious to achieve company goals.

Remaining engaged will help to increase individual and team performance and can also be a major boost in productivity. With these and other thoughts in mind, this white paper has an amazing set of tips to engage with your deskless workforce and help to increase their performance and virtual participation in the company.