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Workplaces all over the world have gone through major social, economic, and societal changes over the last several months.

On the consumer side, shoppers are demanding higher levels of service and consistency across multiple sales channels.

To stay competitive in both the consumer and employment landscape, organizations must step up their digital transformation (DT) and diversity & inclusion (D&I) initiatives.


  • Channel messaging:

Create dedicated spaces for discussing diversity & inclusion. With Channels, you can bring the right employees together into one digital space so they can communicate with ease.

Channels also allow everyone to contribute and provide their input on various topics and locations, thus democratizing communication within your organization.

  • Real-time internal communications:

Deliver messages in real-time and see to it that team members get the most updated information at any given moment. Employees in the field no longer have to check bulletin boards or wait until they’re in front of the computer.

With real-time communication, you can rest easy knowing frontline workers are updated wherever they are.

  • Mandatory messages:

Whether you’re sending D&I resources, asking an important question, or need to make an important announcement, you can ensure that all team members are in the loop.

Need to send “must-read” messages? WorkJam’s Mandatory Messaging feature ensures that critical announcements are seen and read.

Surveys & Polls

  • Multiple types of surveys:

Send different surveys depending on your needs. Whether you want to get a quick pulse on how workers are feeling towards a specific issue or need detailed responses, our digital workspace has you covered.

  • Targeted surveys and polls:

Customize the ways that you collect feedback. WorkJam’s targeting features allow you to send surveys to employees based on parameters such as their role, location, or a specific region.

  • Anonymized responses:

Give team members the ability to freely express their feedback and concerns. Anonymized surveys and polls encourage openness and honesty, so you can make the best possible decisions.

  • Data and analytics:

Measure your D&I initiatives with surveys and polls. Easily collect response numbers and quiz scores to know exactly if your efforts are working. Best of all, data and insights are collected in real-time so you can get the information you need as soon as it comes in.