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Do you struggle with moving from employee feedback to taking action that drives meaningful change within your organization?

Conversation and discussion are very important as every person wants to be heard, but even the smallest of actions can be meaningful and really move the ball down the field toward resolution.

This video offers three simple steps to help you facilitate great employee conversations that increase engagement.

1) Always remember that ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS. So, don’t just collect or gather feedback as an activity –– Make sure you can ACT on it!

2) Conversations are exactly where the rubber meets the road. Want your employee feedback to effect change in your organization? Put those conversations at the heart of the action you choose to take.

3) Frequent conversations are the first step to improving employee engagement and keeping employees happy and proud of where they work.

Use conversations not just as talking points but as a starting mark to effectively ACT, one step at a time.

Find out more about how to turn feedback into action, by clicking the link below.