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Employee engagement is a popular buzzword these days as many organizations seek to retain employees and ensure each team member is fulfilled with meaningful work.

But what is employee engagement, really?

Understanding what drives authentic employee engagement and how to measure it effectively can help your organization identify and meet employee needs at work uniquely and at scale.

Employee engagement is the degree to which employees invest their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral energies and focus toward more positive organizational outcomes.

Did you know that according to Glint, organizations with engaged employees generate 2.5 times more revenue than organizations with low levels of employee engagement?

Engaged employees are more willing to contribute time and effort to their work and to your company’s overall goals especially when they feel like their work is meaningful and appreciated.

The benefits of employee engagement are high. And, it includes higher productivity, higher employee retention rates, lower rates of absenteeism, better customer service and increased revenues.

By understanding what drives your employees, you can put the right management, tools, training, and learning in place to improve employee engagement in your organization.

Find out more about how to get and keep employees engaged, by clicking the link below.