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Eliminate Busy Work by Automating These HR Processes
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Hi! My name is Geoff.

As an HR professional, I understand that busy work impedes the flow of work and wastes the talent of your HR managers.

Automating your HR processes can help you eliminate busy work and allow your HR managers to focus on more personal aspects of the business. Let’s take a look at a few HR processes that can be automated to eliminate busy work.

Process 1) Recruiting

When you integrate applicant tracking systems, payroll systems, and HRIS to extend the value of your HR systems with automated workflows, you improve data capture on standardized forms for the interviewing team making the recruitment process much more seamless.

Process 2) New Employee Onboarding

By making your new employee onboarding process digital, you ensure authorized users have appropriate access to ensure security and privacy compliance while also safely storing digital documents online with permissions capabilities.

Process 3) Employee Training

Integrating Learning Management Systems with Human Resource Information Systems streamlines the data entry process, flags employees that need training, routes the appropriate coursework they need, and tracks which employees have taken training courses, and those who haven’t.

Automating your HR processes not only eliminates busy work but also allows HR managers to focus more attention on activities that can help the company become more successful. By implementing good processes and automating HR functions, you make work less repetitive and more effective.

If you want to learn more about automating HR processes to eliminate busy work, click the link below for more information.