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employees can work anywhere

Working from home has become a necessity these days. Globally, over 3.4 billion workers have had to work remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Creating strategies to navigate this new world of work is and will continue to be a defining factor for organizational success and employee productivity.

As remote work and hybrid work environments become more prevalent, companies must truly answer the question: Can employees actually work remotely? It is somewhat of a common fact that offices tend to be the most productive and collaborative environments for work. The only answer to this dilemma is creating a conducive environment for your work at home.

There are a few factors that are integral to create such an environment:

  1. Stable internet connection
    Despite being such a simple requirement, this is easily the biggest factor that can decide if your remote set up is going to work or not.
  1. Dedicated space
    Creating a special environment solely dedicated to work can create a huge difference in your productivity. This space should be free from appliances like TVs and consoles. Entry to this space should also be limited to not have any disturbance from kids and pets.
  1. Establishing boundaries
    Working from home can often result in a blurred work-life balance. Rules need to be created to maintain a productive work style and a happy personal life.
  1. Team management
    Remote teams need to set expectations, goals and regular meetings to have a cohesive approach to tasks as a team. Having such a schedule can also provide a feeling of connectedness despite working apart from each other.
  1. Zoom
    Remote working can be successful through the use of technologies like zoom which enable teams to come together and have a conversation. it allows teams to recreate the traditional meetings on a virtual platform.

Managing your remote office can help you navigate through the perceived inefficiencies that this new way of work has brought upon the world. It can help to boost your productivity and maintain a healthy balance between your work and personal life.