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Bringing HR Back to the Future
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Ask any business what its biggest challenge each year is and you’re bound to hear that recruiting and retaining the best talent possible is going to be somewhere high on the list. Smart companies know they’re only as good as their best employees.

Time-consuming tasks are driving HR departments to turn their attention to digital processes. The issues with paper are well-documented: It’s prone to damage, increased supply costs, issues with editing, and lack of storage space among many others.

In short, 80% of business document depend on paper but paper processes slow the recruiting and hiring process and impede overall productivity.

According to IDG Global Document Processes Survey, digitizing processes leads to:

> “an INCREASE in revenue by 36%”

> “a DECREASE in cost by 30%”

> “a DECREASE in risk by 23%”

A simple change like switching from paper to digital processes can yield big improvements in your workforce and improve your company’s brand.

If you’re ready to make the transition to modern HR, here’s what you need to consider:

1. Does it integrate with existing processes and systems?

2. Is it intuitive and easy to use?

3. Is it simple to manage and fast to deploy?

4. Does it adhere to industry-standard security?

5. Does it come from an experienced and trusted provider?