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Recruiting | Retention

While digital transformation has put an end to many issues that companies face, some problems still remain. One such problem is the search for the right people for the right job.

The way companies are acquiring talent has changed drastically. From an employer-centric approach, there has been a big shift to a candidate-centric approach, with candidates searching for employers like they would for consumer goods. Maintaining an employer brand has now become a key part of the recruiting process.

Companies now have to proactively find candidates on a regular basis, so that they are always planning ahead. Multi-channel sourcing, powered by digital recruiting and social sourcing is becoming the norm.

Now, thanks to tech advancements and modern solutions, a talent acquisition cloud solution is what hiring managers are seeking. It can deliver automated and streamlined processes to help organizations source, select, and hire top talent.

The three key functions of talent acquisition that these capabilities could improve are:

» Sourcing: One important aspect of acquiring talent is sourcing talent. Cloud capabilities can help create comprehensive strategies for employee referrals, social media sourcing, and multichannel job distribution. It also helps improve the quality of hires, reduce the time taken to hire and lower hiring costs.

» Recruiting: Cloud powered talent acquisition helps in easing the recruitment process through multi-tiered screening and assessment tools, automated applicant tracking as well as interview and requisition management.

» Onboarding: Just as important as the processes leading up to the hire, is the process of onboarding new employee productivity is improved by making it easier to complete new-hire paperwork online. This is where the cloud comes in handy.

In addition to making these processes easier, organizations can take advantages of many more features that help boost business performance by transforming the way you attract and hire quality talent. Some of these features are:

» Job distribution: With the help of the cloud, you can send new job listings, links, and status updates to your social channels. You can also automate the process, making it easier for you.

» Employee referrals: The cloud will aid with revamping your referral program so you can leverage social media to share job openings.

» Career website: Create a social and mobile-enabled, searchable job portal inside your career website and build a strong employment brand.

» Talent community: Push job alerts and company communications to an engaged community of interested candidates and passive candidates across social platforms.

» Facebook job page: Post and promote job openings to your company’s existing base of fans and followers—maximizing the value of your brand’s social connections.

» Mobile access: Instantly transform every job post on your career website into one that’s easily viewable and sharable on mobile devices, without installing an app.

End-to-end Cloud-Enabled Talent acquisition solutions enable organizations to source, recruit and onboard the right talent. But more importantly, it eases and fastens the process of recruitment, but also retention of employees and eases compliance. It optimizes the recruiting process to reduce the time to hire and increase the quality of hire by processing resumes, reviewing backgrounds, conducting interviews and confirming the offer.