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Crisis events such as COVID-19 are taking businesses down an unfamiliar path for many. Human resource leaders and managers are finding new ways to keep their employees motivated and on the same page while working remotely. While some have been more successful at pivoting than others, the key to maintaining some semblance of normalcy is in having a plan.

Business continuity planning is not a new term. It outlines the steps and procedures to take to ensure the organization runs as well as it can when disaster or unforeseen circumstances strike. Having a concrete plan is also an essential measure when it comes to security around data and network accesses.

This brief guide by TechFunnel.com will walk you through what a business continuity plan should look like, the BCP checklist and some frequently asked questions among employers.

As a business, whether small, midsize, or enterprise, a BCP is your best bet against suffering major losses in profits and human capital. Download the guide below to learn more.