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That future certainly hasn’t materialized yet, and won’t anytime soon. Even so, artificial intelligence (AI) is far more than just a passing trend, although it is currently largely misunderstood in the recruiting world.

Censia believes that AI will transform recruiting for the better, ushering in a new era where talent acquisition teams are fully empowered and recognized as revenue-driving, strategic partners in their organizations.

The Realities of Modern Recruiting

  • Changing labor markets

The main reason we should welcome the question of AI vs. humans is that recruiting is more demanding than ever. We’re in the midst of the most intense war for talent that’s ever existed.

  • Unchanging recruiting strategies

Recruiting AI replaces the repetitive, manual tasks currently associated with the top of the hiring funnel so that the new starting point for recruiters is not the job description, but the definitively qualified and ranked list of candidates they should talk to.

  • Recruiting in the information age

The digital revolution has given rise to an ever-changing and expanding body of skills and job titles that is nearly impossible to capture fully in a job description or keyword search. Recruiters must navigate mountains of resumes only to be disappointed.


The Reality of AI in Recruiting

At the highest level, Censia’s AI comes down to two things: data and modeling.

  1. Data

The core of any AI solution is a massive amount of data. Censia has built a people database of an unprecedented size containing 90% of the United States’ white-collar professionals. The real magic is not in the size of our database though, it’s how we turn our data into actionable information.

  1. Modeling

Right now, before recruiters get to do what they do best, engaging human to human, they have to deal with a lot of text. The problem with text, besides being extremely inefficient and difficult to manage, is that it doesn’t come close to fully capturing a human’s capabilities.

With Censia, instead of defining what a hiring manager is looking for via job description and hunting for keyword matches to those descriptions, recruiters source with predictive candidate models.

AI in Recruiting

AI holds great promise in solving many of the challenges faced in recruiting today. Talent acquisition professionals shouldn’t fear, but welcome these new business partners.

Every day a position goes unfilled, or even worse, goes filled by the wrong person, is a day the company is losing revenue. With AI, talent acquisition can get the time and solutions necessary to earn a seat at the revenue table as essential partners at their companies.