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7 Keys to Building a Strong Corporate Culture
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Leaders in HR departments are constantly thinking about how they can develop a strong corporate culture. It is an important factor in employee engagement and productivity. Having happy employees who are consistently motivated and who share the company’s values allows companies to deliver a wonderful customer experience that yields financial rewards.

The culture of an organization is no longer a soft component. Human resource leaders must evaluate the impact of culture on a regular basis. When a company’s values, ethics, expectations, and mission are in sync, it creates an overall personality. That personality rubs off on employees and customers love to buy from and share the word about a company with a good personality.

Here are seven important guidelines to develop a strong corporate culture

  1. Culture is an asset that needs to be protected, particularly for creating long-term value. It is a major source of competitive advantage.
  2. Leaders must inculcate culture at all levels and in every facet of the business. But before they pass it off to others, they must ensure they have internalized it themselves.
  3. A strong corporate culture will also have good governance, which includes the way business is conducted and how it reports to stakeholders. Both upper-level management and employees alike must hold themselves to the same standards of openness and accountability.
  4. The HR function must be given the power to induce culture and embed values into the system and analyze them effectively. When searching for the right people to fill positions, it is important that talent is not the only thing assessed. Good character, level-headedness, and commitment are pieces of the puzzle.
  5. The leadership team must be on its toes to ensure the value system is well aligned and understand behaviors across company departments.
  6. Incentives should encourage employees to demonstrate good behavior that is in line with the company’s culture and strategy, not just make more money whatever the cost.
  7. Human resource functions must have clearly defined metrics as part of its stewardship program that incorporates culture engagement and better reporting.

For more information on how these seven initiatives can drive an effective and strong culture in your company, click the link below for more information.