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From a global perspective, corporations are focusing on investing resources that will significantly make improvements to their workplace culture. However, the results are mixed.

HR executives may consider asking if their efforts for culture-building are effectively attracting high-quality talent. Workplace culture has remained one of the predominant factors that executives deem as a top priority to address. They are often found attempting to mimic trendier corporate culture environments of major companies such as Apple and Google.

But how successful can your company truly be?

One of the widely used terms to define today’s workplace culture is “stress.” However, when candidates or employees are asked to describe their ideal workplace culture, words like “peaceful or positive” are used.

To attract top candidates then, there are six aspects of talent magnets most job candidates would like to experience in their workplace culture.

Let’s take a closer look at these.

  1. The purpose.

This relates to the importance of connecting employees to the mission and values of the organization.

  1. Opportunity.

This involves creating pathways for your employees to develop both professionally and personally while encouraging a desire to contribute and learn new skills.

  1. The culture aspect is a success.

This simply means creating ways for employees to do meaningful work that contributes to the success of their team and the company.

  1. The talent magnet is appreciation.

Employees love to be recognized and acknowledged for their work and contributions to the organization.

Wellbeing is the next cultural aspect and means that organizations should make efforts to improve the overall financial, emotional, physical and social health of their employees.

  1. Leadership.

Your organization should create a sense of belonging and empowerment that helps connect employees to the true purpose of their role.

Implementing these six talent magnets within your company’s corporate culture is a great place to start. Today, organizations must make every effort to create a work environment that is engaging, that encourages retention, and that focuses on what matters most.

If you want to learn more about the essentials of great workplace culture, click the link below for more information.